Association for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders

This year, we got people talking about neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) and cancers.

The International NET Cancer Alliance (INCA) supplied branded paper coffee cups with NET Cancer Day facts which were supplied to cafes, offices and coffee morning hosts to help raise awareness of these diverse but little-known tumours.

What did we Talk About?

INCA and AMEND have prepared a list of key facts about NETs.

Facts include:

  • Symptoms of NETs are often similar to more common conditions such as IBS, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure and migraines
  • Misdiagnosis is common - on average, NET patients see 6 healthcare professionals over 12 visits before a correct diagnosis is achieved
  • Some NETs run in families, either singly or in combinations of different types of NET (like in MEN)

What did we Do?

AMEND hosted information stands at Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Kent and at St Thomas's Hospital in London.

Several volunteers hosted awareness raising events at their workplaces or homes.

Three cafes in Tonbridge, Kent (nearby to the AMEND office) used the cups for their customers and were supplied with special tshirts, leaflets and posters.  Thank you to the Bakehouse @ 124, Nancy's Tea Rooms, and FCB Artisan Coffee for their support on the day.

We regularly tweeted and posted about our NET Cancer Day activities on Facebook or Twitter



Click here to visit the NET Cancer Day website

Click here to visit the INCA website