Association for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders

AMEND members around the world mark Rare Disease Day 2014


Bonnie, CA, USA

Vickie Baggett, AMEND USA, CA, USA

Emily, Canada (outrageously adorable!)


Johanna & Ana, USA

Leanne, Canada (also outrageously adorable!)

Kathy, WI, USA

The Masterson junior family member RDD2014 headgear for school!

Gill, UK, on holiday in Spain!

Cameron, UK (6am paper round shot!)

Johanna (again!), USA

Sarah, UK

Lois, UK

Laura, UK

Emily, UK

Handsome young man (and cool dude!), UK

Srumptious young man (with breakfast!), UK

Professor Raj Thakker (okay we cheated with this one!), UK

Creative Sinead, UK

Sinead and gorgeous sprogs, UK

Little monsters (not our words!), CA, USA

Pretty young lady, UK the other end of the sofa...., UK

The Conroys end a great Rare Disease day for us from New Zealand!

Lynda, USA

Becky, AMEND USA, Florida, USA

Becky's SuperMom!!  USA