Association for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders

We love to honour our volunteers who go above and beyond the call of duty.  Here are our superstar Volunteer of the Year Award winners to date:


Janet French (Charity and Membership Secretary)

Janet volunteers at the AMEND UK office in Kent and has MEN2a.  She has served as an AMEND Trustee in her capacity as Secretary to the Board for many years and maintains a tight ship when it comes to organising and minuting Board meetings, including the Annual General Meeting.

Her other roles include being a MEN2 Telebuddy and Membership Secretary.  As such she is responsible for Data Protection, our membership database and sending out our lovely Welcome Packs.  Janet is past retirement age, but truly loves her involvement with AMEND where her considerable administrative background in such diverse areas as construction, finance and the UK Foreign Office have been a huge asset to AMEND over the years.


Marion Pidgeon (Telebuddy)

Marion is a UK-based MEN1 Telebuddy with responsibility for a list of patient members whom she contacts every 6 months.

She is unfailingly thorough and timely with her calls and updates and is a wonderfully reliable member of the team.





Andy Smith (Website Film Producer)

More comfortable behind the camera than receiving attention in front of it, Andy was a unanimous decision for the first ever Volunteer of the Year Award.

Andy worked tirelessly to help AMEND produce the two excellent patient experience films housed on our website which new patients in particular find so helpful.