Association for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders

At the request of medical specialists, AMEND is pleased to be partnering with the NET Patient Foundation to expand services and to provide information and support to those affected by Adrenocortical Cancer (ACC) in the UK.

Together, we can provide:

  • Free information resources, including booklet about ACC
  • Free Counselling for patients and relatives
  • Specialised Nurse Helpline
  • Private Social Media contact with other patients
  • Free events


To learn more and to join ACC Support UK, please click here to visit the dedicated website for ACC Support UK which was fully launched in December 2015.

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If you are interested in helping AMEND's new ACC Group, please contact Jo Grey for further information on opportunities available.


New for 2016! Charity Christmas Cards Supporting ACC Support UK's work (pack of 8 of same design with envelopes)

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AMEND ACC Medical Advisors (UK)

Professor Wiebke Arlt, MD, DSc, FRCP, FMedSci - University of Birmingham
Mr Radu Mihai, MD, PhD, FRCS - Consultant Endocrine Surgeon, Oxford Radcliffe Trust
Professor Nick Reed - Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Beatson Oncology Centre, Glasgow
  Dr Fiona Lalloo - Consultant Clinical Geneticist, St Mary's Hospital, Manchester (AMEND Medical Advisory Team)
  Dr Irina Bancos - Mayo Foundation Scholar (Mayo Clinic, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism & Nutrition), Clinical Research Fellow (University of Birmingham, UK, CEDAM)

References and information production