Association for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders

On Monday 7th September, we were thrilled to receive a Highly Commended certificate for our children's cartoons on MEN from the British Medical Association.

The certificate was awarded at a special ceremony of the BMA's 2015 Patient Information Awards at BMA House in Tavistock Square, London.

About our cartoons, the judging panel said, 'The animation has a strong visual identity and clear message.  The cartoon characters are amusing and support the message of the resource.  I liked the voices of the actors which were expressive and engaging.  Technical concepts such as cancer growth are explained clearly and succinctly.  The resource if fairly short but conveys a lot of information.'

AMEND creates high quality, easy-to-understand information adapted especially for patients (both adult and children) with the help of an expert medical advisory team.

This award is a fabulous recognition of all AMEND's hard work since the first resources were produced in 2005.

Watch our kids' cartoons here!