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pdf MEN1 and Breast Cancer Press Release August 2014 Popular

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Pressrelease_Researchers discover new breast cancer gene.pdf

Reference:  Dreijerink DMA, Goudet P, Burgess JR, Valk GD.  Breast cancer predisposition in MEN type 1 (Correspondence).  New England Journal of Medicine 2014; 371:583-584

pdf NIH therapeutic approaches to SDHB Feb 2013 Popular

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NIH current and future therapeutic approaches to pheo para SDHB.pdf

Public Access article from the NIH (USA) on current and future therapeutic approaches to SDHB pheo and para

pdf Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act in Pediatric Cancer Popular

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Affordable Care Act for Pediatrics JCO-2014-Mueller-615-7.pdf

This article published in Journal of Clinical Oncology reports on the benefits that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) enacted in 2010 will bring for patients who have suffered from childhood cancer in the US.  March 2014

pdf Witnessing a new era in MTC and ATC Lorch 2012 Popular

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Witnessing a new era in MTC and ATC lorch Nov 2013.pdf