Association for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders

All patients who join AMEND can receive a comprehensive Information Pack* which contains:

  • MEN Passport (a personal organiser to record details of hospital appointments, treatments and medicines)
  • AMEND pen
  • AMEND pin badge
  • Patient Information Booklet on your specific disorder
  • MEN1 or MEN2 Kids' Comic
  • Dealing with Diagnosis leaflet
  • Living with Uncertainty leaflet
  • Genetic Conditions and Insurance leaflet
  • Hospital Clinic Leaflet and Poster (to distribute to your hospital)
  • How to Choose Your Medical Team leaflet
  • Talking to Children and Young People about MEN
  • Latest newsletter
*Actual contents may vary depending upon your particular condition and resource updates

The Pack is provided FREE to members within the UK and Eire.

Outside of the UK and Eire

Due to high demand and associated high postage costs, we now charge £15 for members from outside the UK and Eire. Please note that all our information resources are free to download from this website and that you do not need to purchase a pack to become an online/email member.

Please use the button below to make your payment - thank you.